Conditions Treated

At Reno Chiropractic Center, we encourage spinal wellness, which means focusing on the health of your back and neck. If you've got a sports injury, arthritis, or back pain in Sterling Heights, MI, we're here to alleviate your pain through trusted chiropractic techniques. Our chiropractor is ready to help you feel some relief. Visit our office to get the care you need to achieve your wellness goals. Here are some of the conditions that we can help treat at our office:

Sports Injury

Do you have a sports injury? A sports injury can be frustrating. However, we can harness the same attributes that make you a great athlete, using them to create an action plan so you can get better and back on the sports field. Determination, dedication, and consistency with our corrective exercises can help you heal up in no time.

Personal Injury

We can used our chiropractic care services to help treat your personal injury so that you can get back to doing what your love. Whether it was an accident at work or at home, we can access your condition and help provide a treatment plan so that you can recover. 


Achy, painful grinding in the joints can dramatically reduce your quality of life. Get treatment for arthritis, whether it's related to back pain or affects other areas of your body. We can help get you pain relief. Call to make an appointment to get started with arthritis treatment.

Chronic Pain

Arthritis isn't the only painful chronic condition that can cause stiffness and swelling. Any autoimmune issue can do that as well. Our gentle adjustments, stretching, and other methods can help you relieve chronic pain symptoms.


Are you finding yourself distracted during your workday due to lower back pain? Take some time to come in and get evaluated for a sciatica issue. With some stretching and proper treatment, we can help reduce sciatica pain. 


Having chronic headaches is a problem that can have many potential causes. We can provide chiropractic adjustments, corrective exercises, lifestyle advice, and more to help you get pain management and pain relief.

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Make an appointment with our chiropractor. We specialize in chiropractic care in Sterling Heights, MI. Our evaluation can leave you feeling confident and reassured about the care you'll receive from our team. Our chiropractor can provide you with tips, advice, guidance, stretches, care tips, sports injury treatment, and more. Make an appointment with us at Reno Chiropractic Center, P.C. Call us at (586) 264-4700 to get the help that you need to achieve your wellness goals.

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